About Card Scanning Solutions

Card Scanning Solutions is a manufacturer of card reading systems. Our systems are based on OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology. They are designed to quickly and accurately read the information from driver licenses, medical insurance cards and other ID cards. Since we use OCR, our systems eliminate the need for using magnetic strip or barcode readers. Our software provides extensive database capabilities for processing, storing, and manipulating the acquired data automatically.

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Card Scanning Solutions Product Line

idScan - The only driver-license card reading system that reads driver licenses of ANY state, even if there is no way to electronically read the card. idScan is the most cost effective reader system for car dealerships, bars, clubs, security applications and any other field that requires reading, indexing and storing identification information.

MedicScan - A system for reading medical insurance cards, designed to reduce patient registration time at busy doctor offices. MedicScan is an easy way to turn a paper-based registration into a fast, automatic process.

ScanShell - Do you have a box full of old photographs that will take you too long to scan with a flatbed scanner? ScanShell is the solution. ScanShell will automatically scan your photographs one by one into a high quality digital image (up to 600 DPI). The automatic sensor eliminates the need to click the 'scan' button. The small footprint scanner does not require any warm-up time, which would slow scanning down. ScanShell can scan up to 1200 photographs per hour.

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