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idScan passport scanner is an easy-to-use compact package that scans passports & driver's licenses, providing the user with an image of the document and the text information arranged in their appropriate text fields.

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idScan increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process. The bus-powered USB passport reader is powerful yet simple to use. Together, with its versatility, idScan offers the perfect, comprehensive scanning solution.

idScan passport reader is ideal for:

 Car dealerships
 Bars & clubs
 Point of sale applications
 Liquor stores
 Banks & credit unions
 Security & access control
 Car rentals
 Loan & mortgage brokers
 Any identification applications

idscan passport reader

passport reader and software

Features (Click for more information):

  Advanced OCR

  2D Barcode reader

  Magnetic reader

  Passport reader

  License verification

  Scans Driver
Text Extractor Database Can be integrated Network Capabilities

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