idScan Pro passport scanner is an easy-to-use Passport Reading System.

The idScan Pro has all of the functionality of idScan. In addition, it comes with a powerful database application, which is capable of:

All the Pertinent Data: Saving - Sorting - Organizing - Classifying - Retrieving - Exporting

This passport scanner eliminates the need to use a magnetic strip or barcode reader for collecting the driver's license information of any state.

In one quick color scan with our passport scanner, you get both a picture of the driver's license and the text information, sorted and inserted into appropriate fields of a powerful database application that is easily customized to work with your specific needs.

idScan Passport scanner is ideal for:

 Car dealerships
 Bars   clubs
 Point of sale applications
 Liquor stores
 Banks   credit unions
 Security   access control
 Car rentals
 Loan   mortgage brokers
 Any identification applications

passport scanner

Features (Click for more information):

  Advanced OCR

  2D Barcode reader

  Magnetic reader

  Passport scanner

  License verification

  Scans Driver
Text Extractor Database Can be integrated Network Capabilities
 passports scanner by CSSN

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