Medicscan - Medical card scanner

MedicScan is an easy-to-use, compact package of insurance card scanner and software, that greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of transferring data from medical cards into electronic forms. MedicScan is the ideal solution to keep busy clinics, hospitals and medical offices running smoothly.

MedicScan is the best solution for quickly and accurately capturing vital patient information.

MedicScan increases productivity and reduces human error by automating the archiving process. The bus powered USB medical card scanner is powerful yet simple to use. Combined with its versatility, MedicScan's offers numerous benefits.

MedicScan - Transforming the front offices of patient care facilities, it's a must for the medical industry!

insurance cad scanner - Medicscan
MedicScan Features & Functionality
  • Accuracy that means more money, faster.
  • Integrates into existing management software
  • Automated sequential scans converted into
    one image
  • Scans are automatically named and saved
  • Predefined image parameters
  • 2-3 seconds scan time per side
  • Image can be converted into a desktop icon
    for easy access into the management software
  • Increase productivity and return the investment
    in less then 30 days, using our medical card scanner
  • Easy USB connection - no need for a power
  • The insurance card scanner has a small footprint
  • Scan an image directly into the clipboard and paste it
    into any application
  • Multidimensional functionality and network

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Why MedicScan?

User Friendly
MedicScan (Powered by ScanShell) insurance card scanner is able to read both sides of an insurance card by scanning each side separately, in a matter of seconds, MedicScan will transfer the data as a bitmap, JPEG, tif file, or any other format, into your computer. This file is then ready to be imported/attached to the patient's electronic chart. MedicScan automatically launches and starts scanning when a card is placed in the medical card scanner. The scanned image can be pinned to the desktop for easy data entry into practice management solutions.

The software also allows you to predefine image standards upon setup, including preferred file format, resolution, color scheme, and even naming conventions.

The insurance card scanner is versatile: Other scanning software and various archiving applications, including business card archiving software, can use it as well.

Medical card scanner - Medicscan Time is Money!
By reducing the time employees typically spend on handling insurance cards-photocopying, flatbed/sheet-feed scanning, rescanning, formatting, naming, etc .Individual employee productivity is significantly enhanced. The amount of time saving by the insurance card scanner can be more than 60 seconds per card! In a busy office or hospital, thus could translate into over an hour of recaptured productivity per employee, per day.

This substantial timesaving allows for a return of your investment in less than 30 workdays. Unlike most office devices, MedicScan medical card scanner starts paying for itself immediately.

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