Passport scanner

Scanshell 1000N is a compact passport scanner that scans Passport and Driver Licenses and provides the user with an image of the person and the relevant text information in their appropriate fields.

The passport scanner is built to exact quality standards and is based on leading edge OCR technology providing unprecedented performance.

Scanshell 1000N passport scanner is another scanner in the series of CSSN products that provide ultra-compact and external power-free scanning convenience.

The flat-bed passport scanner, CIS (contact image sensor) design provides a scanner system which is capable of color (24 bit), grayscale (8 bit) and B&W scanning of documents up to 5 x 3 in. (127 x 76mm) in area. The optical resolution can achieve up to 600 dpi (dots per inch)*. The passport scanner is designed to connect to any Windows-based PC system that has USB port and TWAIN driver support.

Passport scanner ScanShell 1000


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