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ScanShell OCR scans driver licenses and passports, and extracts the textual information from the driver license or passport image into external file, clipboard or third party software. With an outstanding ID cards scanning and processing speed of up to 4 seconds per card, combined with a powerful OCR engine, ScanShell OCR is idea ID scannerl for customer service offices, government agencies, various businesses, and third party kiosk applications.

When using the automatic page-feed detection of the ID scanner, ScanShell OCR launches the scan job immediately upon the insertion of a document into the ScanShell 800R ID scanner. In the ScanShell 1000, the scan job is initiated by pressing any of the scanner buttons. The image is scanned and saved to the hard disk in a predefined color scheme, resolution, and scanning area, in a user-defined format (BMP, JPG, PCX, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PSD). The scanned image can also be rotated automatically, using predefined angles to obtain the proper orientation. ScanShel lOCR offers three naming conventions to the saved images: fixed name, ascending numerator name, and naming according to the customer name as extracted from the ID card.

Full automation of the scan process allows the user to chain-feed the media to the Scanshell 800R ID scanner while image processing takes place in the background.

The ScanShell 800R ID scanner is capable of scanning any photo media due to its powerful scanning engine - including paper photos, ID cards, and even rigid plastic credit cards.

The ScanShell 1000 scanner is designed for Passport reading but can also scan any 3" x 5" or smaller document including ID cards.

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