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ScanShell automatically detects card and photo insertion into the card scanner, and instantly scans and processes all the information! ScanShell allows for easy image manipulation and saves up to 1200 images per hour.

The user-friendly card scanner software controls the scanner functionality, scanning and processing scanned images at a maximum speed.

The image is scanned into the hard disk with a predefined colors scheme, resolution and scanning area.

The scanned image can also be rotated automatically into a predefined angle to obtain the proper orientation.

Scanshell card scanners

card scanners

Full automation of the scan process. The user only has to chain-feed the photos to the card scanner, while the image processing is done automatically in the background, resulting in a superb scan time of 3 seconds per card.

Thanks to its powerful engine, the Scanshell 800 card scanner is capable of scanning any photo media:
 ID cards
 Even rigid plastic credit cards
   with embossed letters.
  Scans Driver
Text Extractor Database Can be integrated Network capabilities
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